The Rental Application can be found at:
Please feel free to copy this link and share with your rental clients. 

We are permitted only to share the results with you, as their agent, or with the landlord, in the form of an email narrative.  We are not permitted to share the actual credit report and criminal background report with you.  The email narrative will disclose the TransUnion recommendation (Accept, Accept with Increased Deposits, or Decline), the actual credit score, and a brief description describing the general nature of the credit report and the criminal history.  We can also reproduce their entire application for you, using the data the client submitted.  

TransUnion makes their recommendation based on an algorithm of their own creation.  Although there are never any guarantees, with hundreds of millions of credit records on file for comparison, TransUnion has developed the algorithm that they feel is most predictive of a good outcome for the Landlord.  In addition, if a Landlord follows the TransUnion recommendation for all renters, it provides a measure of defense against a Fair Housing claim based upon any alleged discrimination.  For those reasons, we highly recommend following the TransUnion recommendation!  Be aware that in accordance with the Arizona Residential Landlord-Tenant Act there are limitations as to how much security deposit can be requested by the Landlord.  The Tenant can offer–but the Landlord can not ask–for amounts over 1.5 times the monthly rent.  Therefore, if your tenant-client receives a TransUnion recommendation of “Accept With Increased Deposits” you should discuss that option with them.  See the broker if you have questions about this.

The client will be required to pay a fee of $35.00 by credit card in order for us to process the report.  Be aware that most landlords require a Rental Application and Credit Check from each occupant over 21.  

Please let us know your client is submitting an application by emailing their name and property address (if known) to  We’ll anticipate the application arrival and process it as quickly as possible!